Strip lighting can be used in many different indoor and outdoor spaces. Let LED OUTDOOR bring mood to your living room, glamour to your bar, beauty to your garden and style to your pool at night time. With LED strip lighting available in all of the colours of the rainbow, you can light up your space and customise it with your preferred colour of strip lighting.

 LED OUTDOOR provides a great range of weatherproof options allowing you to create amazing lighting effects while still consuming very little power. If you would prefer to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, then our LED strip lighting products are ideal for you! They are low maintenance, long-lasting, very energy efficient, and they're better for the environment. 

Strip lighting is priced per 5 metre roll but also available per metre on request.

LED Outdoor's range of Aluminium profile channels are suitable with all types of our LED strip lighting. The channel not only looks great but also provides a heat sink and physical protection to the LED's.

All our LED strip lighting is 24v and require a suitable LED Driver to run. RGB (colour changing) strip lighting also requires a controller.  Please refer to the LED Drivers page for more information.